Mr. Sagara Gunawardana
Chairman and Managing Director
Venora Group of Companies (PVT) Ltd, Sri Lanka

‘Mr. Sagara Gunawardana would like to take this opportunity on behalf of VENORA GROUP OF COMPANIES to thank you and the EBA for holding such a Prestigious International event of this nature. This event was very fruitful for us. Ms. Anastasia, - the personal efforts taken by you to look into things and support us whenever necessary is highly appreciated.
Thank you once again!’



Prof. Dr. Nabeel Kadim Abd Al-Sahib Al-Azraqi
Al-Nahrain University, Iraq

‘I would like to express my gratitude for the invitation that I received and congratulate for the high level of organization and the professionalism, which made it possible to gather so many different experts and develop all the activities with success.
I think you must be very proud of this function. We look forward to keep in touch for more cooperation in future.
Thank you and Best wishes. ’



Mr. Od Phongsavanh
Phongsavanh Bank Limited, Lao PDR

‘First of all, I wish to thank you very much for your kindness coordination for the receiving awards achievements, as well as I have not words to say after I seen your beautiful pictures was took photos with Dr. Od Phongsavanh and Mr. Michael Aw.
It made me very happy while I saw them was taking care with warmly greeting by you and your own good hosts.
On the occasion of the international new year 2017, I am on behalf of Phongsavanh Bank Limited. Wishes you and your family on success, happiness and prosperity with everlasting good health.’



Mr.Iliya Garkov
General Manager and Vice President
Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD, Bulgaria

‘I would like to express our thankfulness and appreciation of your support and hospitality in Oxford.
Thank you for kind of invitation.’





Ms Haniza Ahmad Zaharudin
Managing Director
Asia College of Exercise and Sports Medicine (ACESM), Malaysia

‘On behalf of Dato' Sri Dr. Jessy Lai and the college, We are very happy with the program. The program has given another milestone to every individual and organisation which we felt that EBA continuing effort should be maintained.’




Prof.Romuald Cichon
Heart Center Medinet, Poland

‘Thank you very much for nice evening, it was an honor for us to take part in such an excellent companion.’
Dr Hanna Kociemska
Heart Center Medinet




Capt.Rajesh Deshwal
Darya Shipmanagement Pvt. Ltd., India

‘Dear Prof. Netting and Mr. Costigliola,
Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017.
I take this opportunity to thank you for giving my company and me an international recognition.
Such awards are like Vitamins and Supplements in our professional life, which helps us boots our performance.
We look forward to a more healthy and fruitful association with EBA in the future.
I shall keep in touch with Mr. Vincenzo Costigliola to discuss a uniform health check-up procedure and come up with an international standard to assess the wellness of an average citizen of the world.
We also request you to come to India and look at our facility to get a first-hand experience.

I take this opportunity to thank Maryna, Daniella, Ivan, Natalie, Anna, Anastasiya and everyone who were involved in organizing a great event and making it a grand success.
I hope to meet you all again sometime soon.’ 


Prof. Mustafa Amin Massad
Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies, Jordan

‘It was a great honor for me to attend the “Oxford Summit of Leaders” in Oxford on 20th December 2016.
It certainly added a great value to my experience by the exchange of views with distinguished participants from various countries around the globe.
The summit was well organized and no negative remarks may be given.

There is nothing better than having your achievements acknowledged by reputable organisations. I feel very proud and honored to receive the title of honorary professor of the Academic Union.
I have participated in many international events. This particular event was/is a memorable one.
Thank you for your efforts.’


Mr.A Ali
Managing Director
Transglobal Logistics, Ghana

‘Many thanks for your mail and an honour for me and our Company to be awarded with such a prestigious award. Once again, Trans Global is humbled to be associated with your highly reputed organisation and look forward to more awards with our dedication and hard work. Wish you and your entire Team a prosperous year with good tiding.’




Mr.Nasir M. Saulawa
Aquashield Oil and Marine Services Limited, Nigeria

‘It was amazing meeting with you during the 2016 Summit of Leaders I cannot express my personal gratitude in the way you personally attend to all my questions and complaints. Thank you so much I hope we will have the opportunity to meet in other functions and summits in the future.’
11. Dr. Zeynep Gulen Hashmi
General Manager
Tempo Hotel Bucharest, Romania

‘Regarding my impressions of the award ceremony and the Summit, I can happily say that it proved to be a very well-organised high calibre event. Thank you very much to you and to your colleagues who contributed to this successful event, for your hard work and warm hospitality.’

Mr.Sanjeev Bhatt
Radico, India

‘We would like to extend our deep heartfelt thanks for your kind attention and utmost service extended to myself and my wife during our last visit to Oxford to attend Oxford summit of leaders on 20th Dec 2016.
Also I would like to thanks complete team of EBA for such a well-managed show organisation.
Our special thanks to you for taking care of all our needs meticulously and to the highest possible perfection, during the entire show.’



Mark Dappa
General Manager
Trans Global Logistics Ltd, Ghana

‘Thanks so much for your mail and the opportunity afforded Transglobal Logistics to be both considered for nomination and selected to win The prestigous Best Enterprise award and Manager of the year award for our CEO from your noble organisation the Socrates award committee.
The key note speech that highlighted current challenges in education management was quite enlightening as well as the ideas raised by the speaker on innovative solutions to global economic challenges. I learnt valuable lessons from these presentations especially being creative, thinking out of the box and taking initiative in problem solving, lessons I will be putting to good use going forward.
I found the entire ceremony to be fantastic, colourful and very well organised and a great platform for like-minded great minds to interact, network and build lasting friendships. The memory of this great event will linger on for a long time to come.
We shall continue to keep the flag flying high while striving to reach greater heights of excellence.



Mr.Hikmet Eraslan
Dosso Dossi Fashion Show, Turkey

‘Once again thank you all for your hospitality. Me and my wife had great time in oxford and honored to be part of summit.’





Mr.Ayman Albayaa
‘ It was a great experience and wonderful event , each single aspect not only was very well prepared , but also in a very high quality , the hospitality staff was amazing , the place was excellent , the program was fantastic and the people networking was really very impressing , over all it was one of the best event I attend globally ever , big thanks for each and all people involved here to make it as such perfect ‘
Really the above is simply reflecting my feeling and appreciation for all of you.’





Dr. Bonginkosi Nzimande, MP, Minister of Higher Education and Training, Republic of South Africa talking at the #BestSummitofLeadersOxfordTalks in Oxford, UK on the 20th December