Mr. Roberto Alvarez and Mrs. Maria Elena Galeano
Eaya Consulting SRL, Argentina
‘It was an honor to have participated in the Business Triumph Festival that took place in the city of Cannes. We thank for the recognition!
Congratulations to the organizers, there were two days when we were very happy.’





Mr. Dieudonné Kasembo Nyembo
Président National de l’ACAD
Chairman of Gecotrans SARL
Vice-Président National de la FEC / PME, DR Congo
'Am very happy to confirm that the festival was perfect! I thank you for the choice of my company to be nominated, it was the first experience with your organization. I was surprised to see that you was giving  much to company to present their business. I will do the same next time!'



Dr. Collins Okley Otoo
Nungua Warehouse Ghana Limited, Ghana
‘On behalf of my NWGL I would like to say that we enjoyed and loved the festival, and we looking forward to have a great relationship with your organization and its members. Thank you!' from Mr. Otoo Terrance, Assistant Branch Manager, Nungua Warehouse Ghana Limited, Ghana