Date: 18 December 2018 / 9 am - 10 pm

Venue: Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, UK


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‘NON-STOP Education and one step ahead Business.
The necessity to move with the times’
The Annual Summing up Meeting of the Academic Union and the Global Club of Leaders Honourable Members.

Oxford Town Hall is awaiting the grand-scale networking event and magnificent Socrates Award Ceremony that marks the beginning of the Christmas and New Year holidays!
To visit Oxford during the pre-Christmas time is a great occasion to discuss topics of interest regarding modern educational systems, innovations in the science sphere and strategic visions of modern business growth.
We will provide the speakers, academics and business executives with two side-discussion panels for fruitful dialogue on the subject of the educational sphere’s improvement and methods of profitable entrepreneurship.
For the first time we are going to launch the WEBCASTING as well as a LIVE BROADCAST of the Summit’s sessions and Socrates Award Ceremony to make the event even more open and borderless!

During the sessions we intend to speak about:

Session for E-ducation for each and every one. The importance of grants and scholarships.
                   D-istance isn’t an obstacle! The benefits of Online education.
                   U-pgrading of lecturer’s level. Advanced trainings for educational personnel.
                   C-ampus-2020. What should it be?
                   A-fter the college. Face to face with the lack of employment.
                   T-eaching as a polite communication. Engagement with 21st students.
                   I-mplementation of DISTANT education. How close are we to this?
                   O-rganization of educational process. Sharing the best practices.
                   N-ational identity. Simplification of the admission process for foreign students.

Session for B-2B specificity in the economics of developing countries.
                   U-sefulness of middle and small businesses.
                   S-olutions to global economic and social challenges.
                   I-nvestment attractive territories for favourable business opportunities.
                   N-on profit activities of commercial organizations.
                   E-ffectiveness of staff development.
                   S-trategies to find a way out of the crisis.
                   S-elf-improvement for company’s leader.

For professors’ and rectors’ attention!

Summit of Leaders Organizing Committee’s unique innovation – the express exhibition ‘Rector’s Gown’ will be held in the Oxford Town Hall’s rooms during the sessions. Robes, hoods, and caps as well as symbols, chains, and other academic attributes will be presented by well-known British tailor shops.

The ‘Grand Rector’s parade’ will conclude this daytime exhibition and become a significant part of the Night Gala Ceremony. Academic Union Members, Honourable Professors, and Rectors are invited to the Gala Dinner in their Academic dresses to present the uniqueness and diversity each of them.

Don’t miss the event that can enrich your experience and will be remembered for long! 


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