Date: 12-13 November 2018

Venue: Ayia Napa, Cyprus


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International Conference 


12 – 13 November, 2018 Ayia Napa, Cyprus 


  • • Expert panel: ‘Tools of success for a modern touristic and resort city’
  • • Keynote Conversation: ‘Make the touristic and resort city convenient for life, desired for tourists and attractive to investors’
  • • Investment show room
  • • Special session: ‘Medicine and medical tourism’
  • • Master class for hotel owners: 'How to fill a hotel in the offseason'
  • • A series of master classes of innovative health practices
  • • Official reception, Photo session and Partners dinner


About the event

The event programme includes speeches of leading world experts in the field of place marketing and branding, investments, real estate, hotel business and medical tourism, discussion panels and case presentations on the development of touristic and resort cities. Investment showroom will present investment projects of touristic and resort cities and offers from companies interested in cooperation with them. The working day ends with the official reception and partner cruise along Ayia Napa coast. The professional training programme is presented by an intensive branding seminar ‘Branding of the touristic and resort city’ and master class for hotel owners 'How to fill a hotel in the offseason'.


About organizing and programme committee

Best Place - European Place Marketing Institute, Poland. It is a society of experts, a think-tank in regard to place marketing, working actively for the development of cities, regions and countries. The Institute supports the development of place marketing through research, teaching, advise and work on perfecting the marketing for the sustainable development of places. 

Global Club of Leaders (GCL, UK) is the multicultural community uniting business elite and academia from 48 countries; global ranking; consulting; marketing and publishing centre.


International Association of Health Practice Specialists (MASOP), Russia. The Association unites doctors, healers and scientists with knowledge and experience in the field of recovery from 22 countries. It's a global scientific and practical platform for presentations, discussions and exchange of experience in the field of healthy lifestyles and self-improvement.


European Medical Association (EMA, Belgium).
Development of medical tourism as a priority for international cooperation.




International Conference


11 November

Arrival at Ayia Napa
Accommodation at Adams Beach Hotel 5*

18:00-20:00 Meeting of organizers and participants.


12 November

10.30-11.00 Registration

Working Session

11.00-13.30 Expert panel: ‘Tools for the success of a modern touristic and resort city’

Recent trends and studies from world experts:
• Heinz Wehrle, CEO, Investment Promotion Programme, GCL UK; Managing Partner ‘Horwath HTL’, Switzerland-Global, Switzerland - ‘Hospitality and Real estate development for the efficiency of touristic and resort city, and tourists attraction’
• Adam Mikołajczyk, Co-founder & CEO, Best Place - European Place Marketing Institute, Poland - 'Model of the touristic and resort city of the future. The need for successful branding for creating a unique identity for your city'
• Dr. Jarosław Górski, Vice-President of Best Place Institute, Poland – ‘Place attractiveness from a place marketing perspective’
• Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola, President of European Medical Association, Belgium – ‘Presentation of project ‘Best Medical Practice’ and its possibilities in the success of a modern touristic and resort city’
• Andrej Reljic, Managing Director, Swiss Health Company (Switzerland) – ‘Medical and health travel programs as a component of the attractiveness of the touristic and resort image of Switzerland’
• Natalia Kardash, Founder of the Cyprus Health&Beauty Forum; Editor-in-Chief of VESTNIK KIPRA newspaper and SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Magazine; Vice-President of the Association of Russian-speaking Residents of Cyprus; Executive Committee member of the Cyprus International Business Association – ‘Practical steps for transforming Cyprus into a medical tourism destination’

Keynote Conversation: ‘Make the touristic and resort city convenient for life, desired for tourists and attractive to investors’

Presentation of Ura Vajgurore Municipality, Albania
‘Municipality Core Information System (RP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems tailored for Albanian Municipalities integrated with other Government Information Systems)’
Mrs. Juliana Memaj - Mayor, Ura Vajgurore Municipality, Albania

Presentation of Ampang Jaya Municipality, Malaysia
‘Ampang Jaya Smart City: Effective governance through smart technology and community engagement’
ABD. Hamid Hussain - President, Ampang Jaya Municipality, Malaysia

Presentation of Medimurje region, Croatia
'City Holidays - ideas and experience of successful carrying out'
Mr. Matija Posavec - Mayor, Medimurje region, Croatia


Investment show-room

Expert's view: Current state and trends in touristic and resort real estate markets by Heinz Wehrle, Managing Partner, ‘Horwath HTL’, Switzerland-Global, Switzerland:
• Trends in the Gastronomie and Restaurant sector
• Do Real Estate developments influence a destination or region?

- Presentation: ‘Ayia Napa Marina’ by Mr. Haris Koureas, Deputy CEO, M.M. Makronisos Marina Limited.

- Presentation of KARMA ESTATES LTD, Cyprus

13:30-14:30 Lunch and Networking

14:45-18:00 Special session: ‘Medicine and medical tourism. Synergy of treatment and recovery as a component of the success of the resort’

• Discussion about a new view of medical travel as a synergy of treatment, health improvement, teaching practical methods of preserving health, beauty, longevity.
• Presentations of leading medical centres. Achievements of medicine practitioners and their author's methodologies, experts on medical tourism from different countries.

Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola, President of European Medical Association, Belgium
Prof. Ganna Zhukova, President of the International Association of Wellness Practices

Key Presentations:
• Prof., M.D. Ganna Zhukova, MASOP President, Russia: Presentation of the International Association of Health Practice Specialists.
• Prof., M.D. Tatyana Garnik, President of the Ukrainian Association of Complementary Medicine: Presentation of know-how and achievements of modern complementary medicine in Ukraine.
• Andrej Reljic, Managing Director of ‘Swiss Health’, Switzerland: ‘Switzerland, the health tourism destination’.
• Boris Aranovich, CEO of Manniskans Resurses AB, Sweden: Ten practical steps to self-rejuvenation.
• Prof., Ph.D. Larisa Bezukladova, IPO President ‘International Academy of Spiritual Sciences’, Russia: Ecology of thought as a method of preserving spiritual and physical health.

• Sergey Bilenko, Head of the author's educational and recreational center, instructor of RAFM, Russia: Biomechanical correction of the body. Bones and internal organs correction with a gentle touch.
• Mykola Yakovchuk, head of the author's medical center, Ukraine: Prevention and treatment of prolapse of internal organs using image medicine.
• Elena Kasatkina, Head of the MASOP department, Russia: The use of yogotherapy and kinesiological techniques in the correction of speech disorders of preschool children.
• Natalya Zemna (Zubitska), President of the Ukrainian Organization - Ukrainian Society ‘Green Planet’: Ukrainian complementary phytotherapy recipes for beauty, health, longevity.
• Sergey Kuznetsov, numerologist, founder and CEO of the original digital analysis project TsifraMir, Russia: Presentation ‘Numerological Health Code’.
• Dr. Diana Thai, nutritionist, Detox, Russia: Presentation of the DETOX intensive purification program for 21 days.
Awarding of the Certificate of Recognition from the management of the project ‘Best Medical Practice’ to the participants of the session.

20:00-23:00 Official Reception, Photo session and Partners dinner.

13 November



10:00-14:00 Work-shop 1
Master class for hotel owners: 'How to fill a hotel in the offseason'

Moderator - Heinz Wehrle, Managing Partner, ‘Horwath HTL’, Switzerland-Global, Switzerland

Key points:
• Looking at your present macro / micro situation;
• Definition of the future target;
• SWOT Analysis of your product;
• Positioning and USP`s;
• Making your product well known in the tourism market;
• Monitoring quality and profitability.

10:00-14:00 Work-shop 2
A series of master classes of innovative health practices.

Moderator - Prof. Ganna Zhukova, President of the International Association of Wellness Practices 

The program of exhibition performances of the best professionals of health-improving practices, whose experience is recommended for study by experts of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ project
(Belgium – United Kingdom):

1. Training-seminar ‘Wake up for life’ of the president of IAHP (International Association of Healthcare Practitioners), holder of Habilitation degree in Medicine, professor, psychosuggestologist of master-level, master of science and practice, honored worker of medicine, yoga therapeutist with 40 years of experience Ganna Zhukova.
At this seminar you will learn how to get up in the morning in the right way, without dizziness, so that your day could become fruitful and joyful; to remove nervous and static loads during the day, as well as pain in the spine and joints; to keep fit and stay healthy throughout the day. You will learn many new and interesting things about your body and its capabilities.

2. Elena Kasatkina, Head of the Volokolamsk branch of the International Association of healthcare Practitioners (IAHP). She has two college educations. Elena is a certified highly trained professional in the field of preschool pedagogy, psychology and correctional pedagogy. Special education teacher, speech therapist of professional qualification.
The topic of master class: ‘Harmonization of wellbeing of children of preschool and primary school age by means of yoga-therapy’.

3. Sergey Bilenko, Member and certified teacher of RACM/NACM (National Professional Association of Specialists of Complementary Medicine and Health Practices). Head of the certified educational and recreational center.
Quick and effective treatment for you, your friends and clients according to the system ‘Biomechanical correction of the body’.
Biomechanical correction of the body is a unique system of health recovery. In the course of work, a specialist puts back displaced bones and internal organs with light touches and without force impacts and sudden movements, corrects the tonus of muscles and ligaments, removes deep spasms and helps the body to uncover its deepest resources, thereby helping the client to recover health, high vitality and well-being in a short time. In order to master the system, a man does not require medical education or special training. 
At the master class we will learn to quickly and easily help ourselves and other people with injuries, ailments, pains and spasms in various parts of the body. We will also carry out a ‘clinical discussion’, during which we will learn how the principles of the ‘Biomechanical Correction of the Body’ system are applied in professional practice.

4. Nikolay Yakovchuk, Head of the author's medical center, Ukraine, Master of health-improving practices. ‘Prevention and treatment of visceroptosis using image medicine methods’.
Visceroptosis is a fairly common cause of chronic illnesses. The technique developed by Nikolay Yakovchuk, allows you to effectively deal with renal ptosis, pelvic prolapse and gastroptosis. During the master class you will find out about effective and forceful methods of recovery of correct position of organs.

5. Sergey Kuznetsov, numerologist, Founder and Director General of author’s project of digital image ‘TsifraMir’, author of best-selling books ‘Digitized World in Sacred Geometry’, ‘Digitized Ecological World’ and a number of articles. A member of the Union of Writers, an artist, a leading expert- numerologist of the media and TV projects.
‘Numerological code of health. Case study on numerology’.

6. Boris Aranovich, director of healthcare center, researcher, writer (Sweden).
‘10 practical innovative steps to rejuvenation’.
In the western world, the chemical model dominates the body's functions, and all health issues discussed are based on that model. And it's not wrong, but the problem is that we limit our health opportunities because we do not include the fact that the human body is also controlled, and most of the electromagnetic and quantum processes. These processes are the ones that control the body's chemistry, and the solution to many health problems including rejuvenation lies on these deeper levels. Thanks to new technologies today, completely new opportunities are being opened to improve health and rejuvenate the body.

14:30-16:00 Lunch with experts.

19:00-21:00 Conference summing up. Visiting a restaurant of traditional cuisine (self-financed).



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Date: 18-19 December 2018

Venue: Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, UK


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‘Lifelong Learning and one step ahead Business.

The necessity to move with the times’

The Annual Summing up Meeting of the Academic Union and the Global Club of Leaders Members, Honourable Professors, Rectors of regional Universities and Educational management professionals.


Oxford Town Hall is awaiting the grand-scale networking event and magnificent Socrates Award Ceremony that marks the beginning of the Christmas and New Year holidays!

To visit Oxford during the pre-Christmas time is a great occasion to discuss topics of interest regarding modern educational systems, innovations in the science sphere and strategic visions of modern business growth.

We will provide the speakers, academics and business executives with two side-discussion panels for fruitful dialogue on the subject of the educational sphere’s improvement and methods of profitable entrepreneurship. 

For the first time we are going to launch WEBCASTING as well as a LIVE BROADCAST of the Summit’s sessions and Socrates Award Ceremony to make the event even more open and borderless!

In the Summit’s context we also welcome the holding of the ‘Oxford Debate’, really special discussion platform for experts, ‘heavyweights’ and regional leaders of the educational services market. ‘How do you see the University of Future?’ – we would like to get your opinion on it. 

In addition, the Summit’s participants will have an opportunity to enjoy an exclusive art project Oxford through the eyes of modern artists’, where all paintings will show Oxford’s flavour in the most non-traditional ways. 


During the sessions we intend to speak about:

Session for    E-ducation for each and every one. The importance of grants and scholarships.

                       D-istance isn’t an obstacle! The benefits of Online education.

                       U-pgrading of lecturer’s level. Advanced trainings for educational personnel.

                       C-ampus-2020. What should it be?

                       A-fter the college. Face to face with the lack of employment.

                       T-eaching as a polite communication. Engagement with 21st students.

                       I-mplementation of DISTANT education. How close are we to this?

                       O-rganization of educational process. Sharing the best practices.

                       N-ational identity. Simplification of the admission process for foreign students.

Session for    B-2B specificity in the economics of developing countries.

                       U-sefulness of middle and small businesses.

                       S-olutions to global economic and social challenges.

                       I-nvestment attractive territories for favourable business opportunities.

                       N-on profit activities of commercial organizations.

                       E-ffectiveness of staff development.

                       S-trategies to find a way out of the crisis.

                       S-elf-improvement for company’s leader.


For professors’ and rectors’ attention!

Summit of Leaders Organizing Committee’s unique innovation – the express exhibition ‘Rector’s Gown’ will be held in the Oxford Town Hall’s rooms during the sessions. Robes, hoods, and caps, as well as symbols, chains, and other academic attributes, will be presented by well-known British tailor shops.

And also, Oxford Summit of Leaders - 2018 invites you to take part in the exhibition ‘Science and Education’ and present your institution's advertising materials, academic writings, and students' works.

The ‘Grand Rector’s parade’ will conclude this daytime exhibition and become a significant part of the Night Gala Ceremony. Academic Union Members, Honourable Professors, and Rectors are invited to the Gala Dinner in their Academic dresses to present the uniqueness and diversity of our attendees.


Don’t miss this memorable event that can enrich your experience!


18 December
Summit of Leaders – 2018


09:00-10:00 / Registration / Old Library, Oxford Town Hall

Morning coffee/tea and networking

10:00-11:00 / Summit Opening / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

Keynote Addresses by 

Prof. John Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK.
Christina Briggs, Global Club of Leaders President, CEO of New World Insight Ltd, UK, USA.

Welcome speeches by Summit’s Official Partners

11:00-11:30 / Networking Break / Old Library, Oxford Town Hall

Launching of the express exhibition ‘Science and Education’, showroom ‘Rector’s Gown’ and art project ‘Oxford through the eyes of modern artists’ 

Academic Session 
Stream 1 p.1 


11:30-13:00 / Plenary Section: 'Upgrading of Worldwide Education. Future Outlook' / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

Moderator-Prof. John Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly, UK

During the session let’s try to gain a better understanding of the main targets of higher education in different countries and discover the real modern opportunities which can be offered for students’ needs.  

Keynote Speech
The rapid transformation of the educational landscape forces to find informal ways of pedagogical art. How to achieve the performance improvement? Mentoring instead of Teaching and all ultramodern trends such as digital learning, e-learning, m-learning, etc.


‘Oxford Debate’
‘How do you see the University of Future?’

We propose a really special discussion platform for experts, ‘heavyweights’ and regional leaders of the educational services market. 


  • - The main person in University: student or professor?
  • How to change the structure of university competently enough to direct its work towards students’ development. 


  • Does the training of students in real practical skills help them to find work faster?
  • Is it necessary to change radically the educational programme?


  • The right way to look on the Campus of future.


  • Individual education and individual evaluation system.
  • Is this just a current trend or really upcoming importance?


  • Does the HE University have a future without an effective strategy of online learning, blended learning, m- and e-learning implementation?


  • Continuing Learning & Lifelong learning.
  • Expert’s opinion: your point of view on the university’s role in the lifelong learning concept.


  • Universities must cooperate, not to compete with each other.
  • Are you ready for initiative contacts, comprehensive partnership and joint projects with the other higher education institutions around the world? 


Presentation of certificates and grateful diplomas to debate’s speakers.


Business Session 
Stream 2 p.1  


11:30-13:00 / Plenary Section: ‘Proactive leader which can learn, earn and inspire communities’ / Assembly Room, Oxford Town Hall

Moderator and Keynote speaker-Christina Briggs, Global Club of Leaders President, CEO of ‘New World Insight Ltd, UK, USA

There is a need for discussing how today’s industry leaders can stay ahead of the competition by adopting evidence-based and proven strategies. 

Round Table for the Incumbent EBA Business Ambassadors
EBA Project ‘EBA Business Ambassador as the Reliable Partner in the Region’ for Investment Promotion, Innovative Development, Competitiveness and Business Geography Broadening.

  • - Keynote Presentations of the EBA Business Ambassadors’ achievements which are aimed at the development of key business programmes and initiatives in the given regions. 
  • - Summarizing of work and proposals for further co-operation.

13:00-14:00 / Lunch / Old Library, Oxford Town Hall

Break and informal communication 


Academic Session
Stream 1 p.1


14:00-17:00 / Breakout Section: ‘Lifelong learning. The pursuit of knowledge for competitiveness and employability’ / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

Moderator-Prof. John Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly, UK

- Breakout Topic 1 - High Education and Research
How to measure quality and achieve good positions in world rankings of universities?

- Breakout Topic 2 - Education and Business alliance
Nowadays more and more universities are ready for initiative contacts, comprehensive partnership and joint projects with the other higher education institutions around the world. Of course, universities must cooperate, not compete.
But what do you think about strategic partnerships with the business environment? We intend to speak about the balance of mutual benefits.

- Breakout Topic 3 - Urgent conversation: ‘We can STOP the corruption’. Is it a myth or reality?
Corruption remains one of the acutest problems despite the country’s level of development. Whether the corruption has a nationality? Is it area-based?
We are ready to debate on the provocative subject of corruption in HE institutions.

- Breakout Topic 4 – Creation of branches of world universities.
How to create affiliates of universities in other parts of the world that provide sustainable growth for institutions. What is the secret of a dynamic approach to nurturing a global network of students and academic staff?

- Breakout Topic 5 – Urgent conversation: The right to inclusive education.
This is an inalienable right for everyone under European norms for a while. But what we can say about still only developing countries. So, let's try to figure out what inclusive education is and when it will be really available for students with special needs.

- Breakout Topic 6 - Future Campus Improvements to Educational Spaces.
In what way we need to reconfigure current campuses for better-utilizing spaces and enhancing student learning.

- Breakout Topic 7 - New IT and online paradigm at Educational institutions.
Studying new IT plans to manage universities and online courses (MOOC and others) to attract learners.

- Breakout Topic 8 – Alumni relations & Fundraising.
Focus on the best strategies and sustainable techniques.

Best Presenter choosing!


Presentation Section
Stream 1 p.3

‘Innovative approaches to educational and research standards’

Presentations of the scientific researches and innovative projects, achievements, educational programmes and proposals for international cooperation of leading regional educational and scientific institutions.

Innovative Workshop Show & Tell

What’s new on the innovation marketplace for the educational institutions? Summit offers an open platform for both the well-known innovators and designers and promising startuppers.


The annual meeting of the Academic Union, Oxford 

Summing up of the Academic Union 2018 activities and presenting the outcome of such projects as:

- Intensive training programmes:
  * Executive Development Programme
  * Healthcare Management Programme
  * City Management Platform
  * Educational Management Academy
- ‘Speakers & Experts Bureau’
- ‘Guest Professor/ Guest Lecturer/ Guest Expert‘ project as well as ‘Honorary Professor of the Academic Union, Oxford (AU)’ / ‘Honorary Doctor of the Academic Union, Oxford’ project
- Nominal chair based in Oxford, UK
- AU Publishing in Oxford monographs, scientific articles, etc.
- ‘The Academic Lounge’ project
- Academic Working Sessions on the topic of modern challenges and solutions in the field of education and research
- Visiting missions to the Universities of AU members
- ‘The Scientist of the Year’ - open contest of the Academic and Research excellence
- ‘The Name in Science’ - title according to the world register of outstanding scientists
- ‘Best Regional University’ - award according to the world register of higher institutions
- Design Studio project and services

- Speeches of the Academic Union members with the proposals for the organization of the AU, Oxford work in 2019. Approval of a plan of work.
- The signing of the memorandum of cooperation with the AU members.
- Admission of the new Academic Union members.


Business Session 
Stream 2 p.2

14:00-17:00 / Parallel Section: ‘One step ahead Business. The necessity to move with the times’ / Assembly Room, Oxford Town Hall

Moderator-Christina Briggs, Global Club of Leaders President, CEO of New World Insight Ltd


Keynote Conversation: ‘How to meet tomorrow's competitive challenges and find new solutions for business problems?’

Using the examples of the best Regional Companies’ experiences we are going to hear their presentations on various subjects, including:

- Leader for innovation enterprise. Main points that push the company’s leaders to reinvent themselves, so they can evolve ahead of the changing times.

- How can Digital Innovation help small and medium-sized enterprises access finance in quickly development countries?

- Business Agility. Sharing the powerful business strategies that will increase your market flexibility.

- Business continuity and Crisis avoidance. There is no way to avoid the crisis totally. But there must be an access to best practices for minimizing organizational impact and developing a truly resilient organization. Let’s find them.

- Right Customers for your business. Each enterprise is created by chasing financial success. Who are they – wrong customers? And do you agree that through business funnels and customer-first thinking, the company is able to find the ‘right’ ones?


Presentation Section
Stream 2 p.3

‘Favourable businesses in investment attractive territories’

- Presentations from the Best Regional Companies. Sharing the experience and personal achievements.

- Admission of the new Global Club of Leaders members.

Session Summing up.



18 December
Socrates Award Ceremony - 2018


19:00-20:00 / Welcome cocktail and photo session / Assembly Room, Oxford Town Hall

Guest photographer – Mr. Martin Phelps

20:00-22:00 / The Grand New Year Reception / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

‘Grand Rector’s parade’ and Socrates Committee international awards presentation to professors, scientists, and CEOs of innovative regional companies.

Masters of the ceremony:
Peter Thompson, President, UK National Association of Toastmasters
Alan Myatt, member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers, who set two Guinness World Records as the loudest crier and for vocal endurance.

22:00-23:00 / Gala Dinner / Main Hall, Oxford Town Hall

Banquet traditionally accompanied by the world-famous Father Willis organ and guest musicians.


 19 December
Oxford Lounge
2 Woodin’s Way, Oxford, UK

Intensive Workshop for Business Executives

Invited Experts:

Prof. John W.A. Netting, internationally acclaimed expert with a high level of professional experience, having worked closely with Rolls Royce, IBM, and ICL. Joint Managing Partner, International Strategic Management, Director General of the EBA, Oxford, UK.

Christina Briggs, Global Club of Leaders President, Founder of a prestigious group of senior executives called Business Alliance under the auspices of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. CEO ‘NewWorld Insight’, UK, USA.

11:30-13:30 Workshop #1

‘Personal Branding. What a personal brand is’
by Prof. John W.A. Netting

‘Emotional Intelligence in Leadership'
by Christina Briggs

14:00-16:00 Workshop #2

‘Team Interaction Strategies’
by Prof. John W.A. Netting

‘Advanced, modern-day leadership tactics’
by Christina Briggs



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