New World Insight Ltd

New World Insight Ltd

768798New World Insight is a team of international specialists with 30-years experience of working with senior executives. They provide insight, tools and strategies that help businesses survive, grow and compete in a complex business commercial environment. New World Insight starts from the view that success is 80% due to the psychology of the leaders within the organisation. They form emotional intelligence, developing a culture of innovation, technological awareness, activities that support constant and never ending improvement and then, support the organisations pathway to business growth.

Simply put, New World Insight, connects and advises executives on how to grow and strengthen business by adopting advanced leadership practices; facilitating an innovative culture and by raising awareness of technological advances that can create efficiencies and reduced overheads. 

Having successfully established high-level business forums in Europe, and Asia where CEOs and executives share insight into:

- advanced, modern-day leadership tactics

- how to prioritise technology in business

- how to achieve a culture of innovation

- how to transit from toxic to trusted teams using emotional intelligence

- how to achieve constant and never ending improvement systems

New World Insight offers business a choice of interim management, consultancy, training or a forum service.

The ultimate ambition is to extensively, through providing an online executive development option, advance emotionally intelligent leaders that go on to achieve a positive shift in their business, community, family, and achieve a sense of professional and personal fulfilment.

Christina BriggsCEO - Christina Briggs, with over 30 years connecting senior business leaders and advising on transformational innovation; new market entry; and strategic connectivity through networking and introductions.

She provides consultancy and timely access to highly specialised teams to major organisations.

Clients have included: Shell, Microsoft, BT, Bouygues, Cisco Systems, Oracle Corporation, Cannon, IBM, Henley Business School, Guangdong Provincial Government, Lingua, Europe Business Assembly, and FM Global. Awarded Honorary President of the Global Club of Leaders for The Europe Business Assembly, in recognition of contribution to UK and emerging economy business leaders.