Global Club of Leaders


7Established in 2006, the Global Club of Leaders is the membership-based by invitation only Club, the global business networking platform. The President of GCL is Cristina Briggs, the global partnership consultant with more than 20 years of experience in international relations, business ambassador and adviser, Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership, currently CEO and Founder, New World Insight, UK.

Members of the GCL are prominent state and public figures, businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world who have succeeded in various fields of social and business life. GCL brings together like-minded peers, demonstrating competence, innovation and reliability. CEOs, senior executives of private and public sector companies, University faculty and academia from 47 countries (Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East) connect together for further business development and social progress impact.

Our experts annually determine the leading specialized regional companies and national business leaders to be invited to enter the Club.


Our mission is to focus on business networking, development and investment promotion by providing a multicultural platform for club members expanding business; consolidate their efforts for improved integration across emerging markets and the introduction of national brands globally.


1Members of GCL enjoy all VIP privileges of the membership:

- Inclusion of the company to the World Register of Successful Companies according to the  appropriate category and  presentation of a special prize ‘Excellence in Quality’

- Participation in the  investment summits of leaders with round tables and match making facilities in the most prestigious venues.

- Oxford Business Expert Centre business seminars and expert sessions by world known, highly qualified European professors-practitioners for you and your team members;

- Publication of the company's advertising materials in the club official edition "Socrates Almanac" club, scientific articles - in thematic applications to the Almanac, image articles - the weekly electronic magazine "The Leaders Times". 

Opportunity to enter the competitions for receiving the prestigious international awards in quality, management and corporate social responsibility spheres


KYS 2459• Brand visibility in all official web and printed collateral of Global Club of Leaders, in all event venues before, during and after all forums and working meetings

• Support and representation of the company’s brand at the programme influence regions, the international community and professional associations

• Recommendation for cooperation within the programme network

• Club working meetings with investors and international sector experts (limited participation)VIP seats and welcome address at the official receptions and ceremonies hosted by Summit of Leaders and Partners

• Professional learning courses on Leadership, Foreign Direct Investment, Investment Management, Marketing from leading European University professors and bespoke business coaches for C-level executives with Oxford Certificate of Attendance

• Possibility of holding private conferences on the basis of your company, presentations and meetings under the auspices of the GCL;

• Office residence and concierge facilities in Central Oxford

• Publishing Centre and media support projects;

• Oxford corporate style & branding studio


To join the Club please send your application to the Club Council and provide references from business partners and business communities. The solemn procedure of the new member’s admission into the Global Club of Leaders will be held within the Summit of Leaders events.