Created in 1990 by doctors from the 12 member states, the European Medical Association was established as an “international foundation pursuing a scientific aim” according to the Belgian law dating 25/10/1919. It is a unique, independent non-profit organisation, which offers every European Community doctor the opportunity to:


  • - Join a European network of doctors
  • - Add a European dimension to their professional and social life
  • - Actively influence the development of European Health Care. 


Founder & President at European Medical Association (EMA), Chairman of ‘The Best Medical Practice Project, UK ‘MEDICIS’ Medical Centre, European Association for Preventive, Predictive and Personalised Medicine (EPMA), Belgium. 

Invited Speaker in numerous Internationals Conferences and Congresses, Moderator of the Medical Travel section in the European Parliament (Strasbourg, France) 



A multicultural professional platform for like-minded peers, healthcare leaders and doctors, demonstrating competence, innovation and reliability. The project participants gather together during the Special Sessions. This special professional session’s format provides a unique opportunity to meet eye-to-eye and contact directly the best regional medical centers and doctors with solid professional reputation accredited by the European Medical Association, to connect you together for further business development. The Special Session provides the exclusive opportunity to share professional cases, significant business issues and get efficient feedback.


Aims of the project:

- Short listing of best regional healthcare providers, medical sector suppliers, wellness and SPA professionals, researchers, medical travel facilitators.

- Selection and presentation of high-caliber regional health care institutions as new recommended cooperation partners in the international medical travel sector.

- Selection of territories with a high medical travel and healthcare industry investment potential as recommended medical travel destinations.

- Improvement of professional skills (seminars, workshops, expert panels, round table discussions in healthcare and medical travel issues). 

- Focus and popularization of innovative services, technologies, products and projects in medicine and healthcare.

- Promotion of high European standards of health quality and facilitation of quality medical services due to defined evaluation criteria for medical sector. 

- Complex investigation of current market trends in global medical travel space.

- Revising of customer loyalty programmes, client’s trustable doctors / clinic, and the quality of the personnel.

- Expert visits to the most prestigious medical forums and trade shows all over the world.