- Best festival traditions!
- Incredible networking!!
- Best opportunities for carrying out of promotional events!!!
- VIP-level of participants!!!!

Politicians, businessmen, entertainers, diplomats, owners of successful companies, authors of innovative business projects, regional healthcare, educational and scientific elite.
- Imagine a bright and exciting event designed to help you achieve your global business goals, communicate with your dream partners and global business experts, get support from world's leading speakers and business leaders, success recipes from leaders in the field of science, industry, and business from different countries.
- Imagine creative parties and receptions, exclusive meetings and master classes, a partner cruise on the Mediterranean and a charity run along the seafront, designed to fill you with inspiration and energy.
- Imagine a fantastic awards night, press conferences and interviews, presentations and interactive exhibitions, other creative PR-steps to make your business success become known around the world
And now transfer this firework of events to Cote d'Azur of France, Cannes, the world capital of festivals – and we will get a unique festival ‘Business Triumph’, something special, something unique that can’t be missed.